The mission of this project is to strengthen visibility for Filipino/x-identifying theatre artists who are based in the United States. To accomplish this, we will be featuring these numerous theatre artists from all across America, as the project will map out their different locations or where they are “physically” right now. We will be a platform to share their stories, illustrate the diverse lives and experiences of these artists, inspire others of their struggles and their achievements, and celebrate the important contributions of the Filipino people to the colorful and dynamic theatre arts industry.


Although the effect of the project might not be immediate—as the success might not manifest through the likes and followers we’ll gain throughout the project— what we wish to achieve is really to provide a resource to future generations, so they may see that they are represented in the larger stage and that they have predecessors in the field who have persisted to create art in various places across the United States.


thank you

We are deeply overwhelmed and humbled by the love and support FTAA is getting. We were asked if we need monetary support, and while we already appreciate all the likes and shares you show us on social media, here's a simple way to help us sustain and keep the project running, we currently accept donations through Venmo or PayPal.